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Date : 30-11-2023

Department : Mechanical Engineering

Event : Workshop

The Dept of Mechanical Engineering in association with Agastya International Foundation, Delhi successfully organized MINI-ANVESHANA & MECHNOVA - 2023, a two-day working model project presentation cum exhibition. We were honored to have Mr. Akhilesh Kumar, Program Officer at Agastya International Foundation, as our distinguished guest, accompanied by Jury Member Dr. Prashant G. K., Head of the Aerospace Engineering Department at VIT Bhopal.

During the first day of this exceptional event, our talented students delivered captivating PowerPoint presentations showcasing their innovative projects. The theme of the presentations revolved around the five elements of Panchtatva, namely Land (Agriculture), Air, Fire (Solar), Water, and Space (Drone Technology). These presentations provided a comprehensive overview of the students' remarkable ideas and their potential impact on various fields.

On the second day, our students had the opportunity to demonstrate their physical projects in front of the esteemed panel of judges. This hands-on approach allowed the judges to witness the practical implementation of the student's ideas and evaluate their effectiveness.

The culmination of the event was highlighted by the presentation of awards to the top three projects. The MK-1 Dozer Rescue Copter was honored with the 3rd Prize, while the Solar I.V. Drip System secured the 2nd Prize. Finally, the Smart Home Automation System emerged as the winner, claiming the 1st Prize. We would like to extend our sincere congratulations to the deserving winners and express our deep appreciation to all participants for their remarkable contributions.