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Faculty Development Program on Recent Pedagogical Practices

Date : 12-01-2024

Department : College Level Event

Event : FDP

Sagar Group of Institutions - SISTec organized a highly informative and engaging two-day Faculty Development Program on Recent Pedagogical Practices. The program aimed to equip our esteemed faculty members with the latest teaching methodologies and tools to enhance their teaching effectiveness.

We were privileged to have Dr. D. Lakshmi, Assistant Director of the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning at V.I.T. Bhopal, as our distinguished guest speaker. Dr. Lakshmi started with flipped learning and continued to outcome-based education providing valuable insights to our faculty members. She delved into the concept of Education 4.0 and introduced the fascinating world of ChatGPT like AI Tools which captivated the audience's attention.

Furthermore, Dr. Lakshmi shed light on various tools for learning and assessment, offering our faculty members hands-on training to effectively implement them in their teaching practices. She also explored the realm of Artificial Intelligence and its potential impact on the future of education. Her comprehensive knowledge and expertise in this field allowed her to recommend numerous tools and software for content creation and research writing, empowering our faculty members to create engaging and interactive learning materials.

The program witnessed an overwhelming participation of over 150 faculty members from both campuses. Their active involvement and enthusiasm throughout the sessions demonstrated their eagerness to embrace innovative teaching practices and stay abreast of the latest advancements in the field of education.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. D. Lakshmi for her invaluable contribution to this Faculty Development Program. Her expertise and passion for teaching have undoubtedly enriched the knowledge and skills of our faculty members, enabling them to provide a more engaging and effective learning experience for our students.