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International Day Yoga 2024

Date : 21-06-2024

Department : College Level Event

Event : Celebration

Yoga is a transformative practice that helps individuals eliminate unhealthy habits and embrace a healthier lifestyle.
Sagar Group of Institutions - SISTec Ratibad recently celebrated International Yoga Day in collaboration with the Isha Foundation. The event was a resounding success, bringing joy and serenity to all participants as they experienced the powerful benefits of yoga, under the guidance of Isha Yoga instructors, students and faculty engaged in various yoga asanas and pranayama techniques, reaping the rewards of physical invigoration and mental rejuvenation.
The impact of the event was profound, fostering a culture of wellness and mindfulness on campus. Participants left feeling grateful for the opportunity and inspired to incorporate the practice of yoga into their daily lives, beyond just Yoga Day.
A heartfelt thank you goes out to the Isha Yoga Foundation for their involvement in this incredible event. Let us continue to cherish the memories and uphold the spirit of yoga within us, not only on Yoga Day but every day.