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Explore SISTec College Campuses From Home ?

Use SISTec Virtual Tours to discover the college campus from the comforts of your home. Get a close-up view of the spaces just like an in-person campus tour, such as entrance, reception, classrooms, laboratories, hostels, sports grounds, convention halls, seminar halls, and more. An added bonus that the tour is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and has zero interruptions. After you complete the college virtual tour, take the next step and join us for an online information session by sending an inquiry for admission. Our counselors will reach out to you and provide you with all the necessary information about:

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  2. Sagar Colleges
  3. Courses Offered at Sagar Institute
  4. Training & Placement
  5. College Faculties
  6. College Events
  7. College Facilities
Why college campus virtual tours are Helpful?

Searching for College? Want to take Admission in College? Unable to visit the college campus physically?

Well lucky for you in this digital age with high-speed internet and practically free data – College Campus Virtual Tours are the perfect solution to all your “inquiries”.

College campus virtual tours are really helpful and actually the next best thing from actually being there. While you are exploring college websites for admission procedures, take a look if the said college is also offering a virtual tour. Many college websites have 3D Virtual Tours of the campus, like Google Maps which lets you roam around the campus and see it in a digital form.

Online college visits are easy, convenient, and considered safe. Virtual college tours are almost the same as normal tours, helping students and their parents discover all insights about the college, get answers to common questions, and make more informed decisions.

Why college campus virtual tours became so important?

Visiting college campuses physically was not a viable option during the nationwide lockdown. Since Coronavirus was at its peak during the time and people did not want the risk of getting infected, staying at home and practicing social distancing was the best way to prevent the risk of the Corona virus. It was safe to say that nCOV-19 and campus visits were not an ideal combination. But keeping aside this issue students did not want to miss out on their education just cause of a lockdown. They and their parents needed to explore colleges as the admission processes in many institutes had already started.

Many engineering colleges in Bhopal started offering campus virtual tours. Those who did not have the Google Maps version started the virtual tour with the help of video calling and online meetings. Many private colleges started making videos of their colleges/departments that displayed all major focus points of the college. That was also a great way to explore colleges for admission. These virtual visits allowed the students and their parents to see the campus hotspots and learn more about the programs that the college has to offer (in case you missed something on the website).

Video conferencing with departmental HODs and the admissions office/officer is a great way to get all the required information about the admission process and documentation work.

How to optimally utilize the college campus virtual tour?

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind while “visiting” the colleges online through the college campus virtual tour.

  1. Get ready a base checklist of what you want your college to offer and does it meet up to mark.
  2. A questionnaire highlighting all important points needs to be prepared regarding college infrastructure, teaching methodologies, lab time, workshop time, training, events and activities, co-curricular, placement records, and many more.
  3. Get a visual tour of the whole campus including classrooms, computer labs, workshops, hostels (in case you are opting for one), college mess/canteen/cafeteria, sporting grounds (if the college has to offer). Basically, any and all amenities the college offers you should get a visual confirmation during your tour.
  4. Connect with the current students. Exchange your contact numbers, connect on WhatsApp/Facebook/Instagram, or simply just exchange emails. It’s a great way to learn about the college and get all the hidden insights.

Well, you are practically ready for an online campus virtual tour. So what are you waiting for, go explore some college websites and dive right into as many virtual tours you can dig up.

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