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As after the 12th results it’s a tough time for all students and parents to select an appropriate branch of engineering and an institute which can create an exciting future of your wards. This article is aimed to give light on the specific branch of engineering called Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE). Article might help engineering aspirants to pick ECE as their options. The article will first try to answer the specific questions viz. What is ECE?, Why ECE?. Why ECE Carrier opportunities in ECE .

What is ECE? : ECE Engineering as a branch which deals with flow of electrons which causes currents. ECE is a branch of the low voltage electronic devices and circuits, communication processes and equipments like transmitter, receiver, and antennas.

An ECE engineers are designing and maintaining the satellites, which provide connectivity of TV, Telephone and Internet service into remote and rural regions.

They are creating the advanced communication services and facilities called value added services viz. Call divert, video conferencing to connect peoples together all around the world.

Why ECE?: If someone ask me that why do you have chosen ECE as your branch?. I would answer; it’s a most challenging branch of the world. As life without electronics is a worst life ever. It’s a multi-dimensional branch thus an EC engineers have an opportunity to pick his carrier dimensions as w e are living in an age of science and digitization. The role of ECE is to increase the comfort zone of humans and making life luxurious. Imagine a day without electricity. An EC engineers are first pickups in the most of the Public sectors (PSU’s) like Indian oil cop. Ltd. (IOCL), BHEL, DRDO, ISRO, HAL, BSNL, MTNL, Indian Railway, and many more…


  • Around 7 Lakh Jobs in Telecomm Sector in Next 5 Years. Maximum jobs will be under retail and handsets around 35%, around 29% jobs for Service provider industries.
  • Few other motivating facts are that around 50 % of overall jobs are fro engineers. Due to digital India campaign around 60% government jobs are fro EC fields.
  • Indian Government is going to have around 1000 Coors USD investment in IC chip manufacturing. .

In addition EC is combination of Electronics (core Electronics) and Communication fields. After graduation an EC engineer is eligible to work in any core electronics jobs as well as a Job related to communication service providers or venders. There is a great scope in Telecommunication field as Indian telecom industries is still developing and growing. Even most of the software companies are also hiring the EC students for Telecom software support. India is the second largest market after china in the automobile. If an EC engineers is good at embedded system design there is a great scope in automobile for EC engineers. The carrier options and multi-dimensions of the EC branch are shown in the Figure 1.


Looking to these facts EC is the most secure field for any ones future and at the end any one is studding for job opportunities only. If any student is good or average in Physics they must pick EC as first option. For students want to do doctors, there is a great scope of research in the EC fields in India and abroad. Major Fields of researches are bio-medical instrumentation, medical imaging and disease analysis, computer networking, mobile network allocation etc. so chose EC to be secure.


Apart from the regular curriculum, SISTec-ECE students have been given exposure to Electronic World through the seminars, workshops and real-time projects and industrial visits. Electronics Play Zone is one of the initiatives where students are allowed to do innovative experiments with the minimum help of trainers. It provides self-learning environment & develops the problem-solving ability of our students through the live projects.

The ECE department of SISTec gives more stress on in-depth learning of the Electronic Hardware systems & its implementation. It also imparts training in various Electronic CAD Tools such as MultiSIM, OrCAD PSpice, MATLAB, NI LabVIEW, VLab, Proteus, Circuit Wizard, Arduino, and CodeVisionAVR. Insightful Training on “Internet of Things (IoT)” is an initiative which gives the detailed understanding of Sensors, Microcontroller & its interfacing through Embedded C, GSM Module, and GPRS settings.

Truly, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering of SISTec is nurturing its students on the path of “Digital India” and “Skill India” through all its unique initiatives and remarking SISTec as the Best College in Bhopal for Engineering in ECE in the real sense.

It is pretty clear that SISTec is the best for in Bhopal for engineering in ECE. With a lot of emphasis on making their students employable and obtainable, understanding the need of the hour.


Dr. Paresh Rawat

Head of the department, ECE


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