In the today’s world of financial market metamorphosis and the search for the real insight to hit the goal of success, there are some stinging questions sprouting up in the web of altercations amongst youth mind. Questions like:

What should be my Career option??? ,

What should be the college to pursue my education??? And many others but probably those swirl around these.

The questions may turn out to be the stings of the nettle, but if thought over, the students may find some easy and swift answers.

The career counsellors of Sagar Institute of Pharmacy and Technology (SIPTec) are always around the students to help them solve the riddle. SIPTec, in its customs, attempts to unwind the questionnaire.

The profession is a synonym of occupation which in today’s scenario depends on the financial market strategies. Due to the ever increasing population and health hazards the healthcare sector is at boom. Even WHO studies reveal that during the reign of inflation amongst all sectors, Pharmaceuticals was one rare domain that enjoyed fractional increase in product consumption particularly in South Asian countries. Pharmaceutical is an inflation resistant industry. SIPTec promotes pharmaceutical education as one that guarantees employment and promotes the skill of being an entrepreneur, the legacy that Pharmaceuticals always carries.

On the similar study the Pharmacy education at SIPTec is designed to deliver the study pattern that makes the students apt for the market in the fields of Product management, Sales promotion, QA, QC, R&D etc. Sagar Institute lays special emphasis on laboratory efficient practices by allowing the operations on sophisticated instruments and techniques. Sagar Institute designs special training programs for the students to make them least vulnerable to the increasing demands of skills in the market.

Strategically Sagar Institute of Pharmacy and Technology is an emblem of Pharmacy education that not only leads in imparting quality education but also plays the role of Pharma Flag that is keeping its head high to depict the exponentially increasing market of Pharmaceuticals.


Written BY:

Prof. Juhi Dubey

Assistant Professor – SIPTec



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