Rise, Shine & Grow in morning assembly @SISTec.

Morning assembly conduction at SISTec

Have you ever heard of assembly conduction practices in an Engineering college?

Well! Yes we practice it here at SISTec on regular basis. Being a culturally rich group, we believe in getting connected to the almighty at the starting of each day.


Our management firmly believes that a well organized assembly sets a positive tone for teachers, students and it also encourages community involvement. We often talk about community building and healthy environment in an organisation. In this context honourable chairman  “Mr. Sudhir Agrawal “ sir and  vivacious Managing Director –Mr. Siddharth Sudhir Agrawal sir  had a clear vision since starting  in connecting the youngest buds (First year students) to the adroit seniors during assembly hours. This has been in practice since the inception of SISTec, Sagar Group colleges & has been running effectively till now. The juniors & seniors usually don’t get time to see each other because they have different schedules like lunch timings, lectures, physical activity sessions, recess. This is the best common time planned for maximum students to interact with each other & share their ideas, beliefs & knowledge to each other in a very positive & lively environment. SISTec – Sagar Group of Institutions have truly become a hub of culturally rich and disciplined students through such practices.

Morning assembly helps faculty gets time to notice the physical presence of students.


Outline of morning assembly at SISTec.

The entire staff is so committed for the morning assembly agenda so all gathers at the specific venue on time every day along with students.

This gathering includes several parts:

  1. Prayer offerings – which is sung by students of the college in a melodious voice which totally brings out the positivity in the conduction area i.e. Celebration Area”.
  2. A national anthem is sung each day to express our love & respect for the country.
  3. Students come up with good thoughts of the day. Everyday they are so excited to go up on the stage & present.
  4. Being a Technical Institute, students have been guided to get aware of modern technologies & hence they give briefings on new innovations in the technical field.
  5. We often conduct role plays for a moral or social cause with an effective message added to it.
  6. A whole group choral singing is also conducted on various auspicious occasions.
  7. If students achieve an award/prize in co-curricular or extracurricular activities, they got mentioned and recognized in the assembly, this practice inspires other students to participate and win.

This gives a boost in the personality of a student which gradually reflected in his/her workings. At SISTec equal opportunities offered to be in the spotlight and to be celebrated as an individual. For smooth assembly conduction, assembly conduction coordinator, which comprises of both teachers and selected students of SAC (Student Activity Council) committee, plays their given role.

In short- we are on a healthy & Effective Mission to produce productive & peaceful minds.


We can never imagine our college day beginning any other prosperous way.

– “SISTec family”.


  Written By:                                              

 Prof. Pallavi Dixit

Department of  Basic Science

SISTec, Ratibad Campus



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