A Crucial Role of Training & Placement Dept. in Selection Process of Student in a Company

Today’s environment is very highly competitive. Technologies are upgrading day by day. As a result of continuous change in technology and increased competition among companies, continuous upgradation in human resource and skilled people are required in the company. This effect also reflects in the job hiring process in India.

Now a days the job hiring process has been improving continuously and the parameters to select a better candidate are increased. Companies demand a skilled and trained student at the time of hiring the fresher engineers. Now role of Training & Placement department in engineering colleges has become very crucial to trained the students and make them ‘Industry Made Person’.

Sagar Institute of Science & Technology (SISTec) Bhopal understands this changing scenario and working to enhance skill sets and traits of students to maximize their chances of success.

SISTec is working on the students, to explore some key traits that employers are looking for potential job seekers:

  1. Communication & Interpersonal Skills – Communication is one of the most important traits which a candidate should have. Apart from communication skills, his interpersonal skills like his attitude towards work, learning skills, team work, leadership skills, ability to take responsibility and work under pressure etc. play a very important role for the growth of his career.

T&P dept. of SISTec is design its Training Program in such a way that not only it covers the above traits but also this training program starts from first year so that students will have all four year to enhance all traits in a effective manner in his life.

  1. Technical Trainings & Skill Enhancement Programs – Company not only expects a student should have a sound knowledge of his stream but he should be technically trained and skilled in some of the important technology of his stream so that he will start giving profit to company as soon as he joins the company.

In SISTec all the departments have designed various technical training and skill enhanced programs in their respected streams apart from their regular university curriculum. These technical training and skill enhanced programs are industry oriented and fulfill the current requirement of the companies.

  1. Quick Learner & Motivational Skills – A students should be quick learner to understand and adopt the working environment and technology to enhance the company output and overall productivity. Apart from that, good motivational skills are required to take work from his employees to add individual as well as overall productivity of the company.
  2. CV & Interview Skills – These traits are very important to get success in the final selection process of the company. A CV should contain all positive traits and achievements of candidate and interview skills help the students to express these traits and points in front of interviewer to get final selection.


Sagar Group of Institutions SISTec is one of the Best Engineering Colleges In Bhopal MP that focus on 360-degree development of the students and make increase the overall employability index of our budding engineers.

BY: Prof. Nitin Kumar sahu

Assistant Professor – Department of Mechanical Engineering

Sagar Group of Institutions – SISTec  Gandhinagar



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