mr. rohit bansal, assistant professor, faculty in computer science engineering college

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Mr. Rohit Bansal

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Prof. Rohit Bansal is a proficient and enthusiastic professional in the area of Computer science and has experience of more than 6 years in academics. He is a very determined and highly motivated person. His expertise lies in the field of Web Mining and Intrusion Detection.


  • Efficient Maintenance of Software Code by Integrating Various Factors and Matrix.
  • C, C++, SQL, Data structure,TOC, Compiler, Software Engineering

Conference/Workshop Highlights

  • Two-week ISTE Workshop on Computer Programming.
  • Two-week ISTE Workshop on DBMS.
  • A Survey on Web Mining and its Techniques published at a national conference held at Christian college, Indore(M.P.)
  • Distributed Intrusion Detection Using Voyager Mobile Agent published at a national conference held at ITM university, Gwalior(M.P.)
  • An Implementation of Automated Entity Labeling Algorithm Based on Structure Prediction Methodology published at a national conference held at NIIST, college, Bhopal (M.P.)

Career Highlights

  • Published two papers in international journals.
  • Coordinator of ISTE(IIT) Computer Network workshop.
  • Worked as coordinator in national seminar in RAWT-11.
  • Program chair in International conference on Intelligent, Computational and informative system.
  • Paper reviewer in IJCCN journal.
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