mr aamir nasir, assistant professor, electrical engineering, SISTec

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Mr. Aamir Nasir

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Prof. Aamir Nasir has joined Sagar Group in June 2017. He has 3 years of teaching experience, and he has completed his Maters’ degree from School of Energy and Environment Management – UIT RGPV, Bhopal in 2014, with a specialisation in Renewable and Clean Energy generation. His area of interest is Wind and Solar energy Conversion. He chose teaching as a profession because he believes it can change the world for good. Apart from engineering subjects, he also shares interest in subjects like Astrophysics, Quantum mechanics, Human psychology, philosophy, epistemology etc.


  • Area of Research:- Analysis of Wind resource potential and forecasting wind energy, power density calculations for a specific site, And Wind turbine Micro-siting, turbine class selection
  • WAsP – Wind Atlas Analysis and Application Program, an industry-standard PC software for wind resource assessment, siting and energy yield calculations for wind turbines and wind farms.

Conference/Workshop Highlights

  • Participated in National Level Technical Symposium on Innovations in Science & Technology
  • Workshop on ‘Green Buildings’ organised by NRI-Mumbai remote center, Bhopal in 2013.
  • Conference attended on ‘Concentrated Solar Power’ technology organised by UIY-RGPV with the collaboration of Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan.

Career Highlights

  • Successfully completed a project for RGPV hill top by analyzing the wind resource potential for the site and submitted report based on identification of new potential sites for erecting wind turbines
  • Published 3 research papers in International journals.
  • GATE qualified in 2011
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