dr sfurti verma, associate professor, basic science, mathematics faculty, sistec ratibad

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Email: sfurtiverma@sistec.ac.in

Dr. Sfurti A. Verma

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A Ph.D. from Barkatullah University in 2007, Dr. Verma holds experience of 15 years of teaching graduate and post-graduate students. Driven by her passion for teaching, she has been result-oriented and also popular amidst her students. She believes that “Learning Never Ends”, and works hard to instill the same enthusiasm in her students, for her subject and overall development as well. She has held various administrative positions over the years of her career. She is associated with several organizations and universities for teaching-related activities.


  • Numerical Analysis
  • Abstract Algebra
  • Statistics
  • Operations Research

Conference/Workshop Highlights

  • International Conference on Life Testing, Reliability Sampling and Quality Control - 29th-31st Dec.2003
  • Annual Conference on Mathematical Modelling Vigyan Parishad - 17th -19th May 2004
  • Indian Science Congress Bhopal Chapter - 26th-27thDec.2004
  • International Conference SCRA-2004 FIM XI Forum for Interdisciplinary Maths – 28th -29th Dec.2004
  • Indian Science Congress Bhopal Chapter – 17th -18th Dec.2005
  • MP Science Congress -2005 Indian Science Congress Bhopal Chapter – 9th -10th Dec.2006
  • Summer School on “Effective Teaching Skills and Innovations in Teaching”, 23rd June – 4th July 2008
  • International Conference on Mathematics and Computer Science, 5th - 6th Jan.2009
  • Refresher Course on Application of Mathematics In Engineering & Sciences,27th Dec2010-1st Jan.2011
  • Staff Development Programme on “Soft Skill and Etiquettes”,10th -13th Jan.2012
  • Seminar on “Relevance of Mathematics in Sciences”, MPCST,4th-5th March 2013.
  • International Conference on Recent Advances in Mathematical Sciences & Applications,24th-26th Dec.2013
  • National Workshop on “Recent Trends in Research and Applied Statistics in Science and Social Sciences,9th -10th June 2018
  • Faculty Development Programme,18th -19th June 2019
  • Online Faculty Development programme on “Mathematical and Computational Modelling,18th -20th May 2020
  • Online National Workshop on “Research Methodology and Proposal Writing”25th -26th May 2020
  • Summer School on “Industrial Mathematics” 11th-16th May 2020
  • Online Workshop on “Research Methods and Advanced Data Analysis”,17th -21st June 2020
  • Online Hands-on Training Programme on ”Advanced Data Analysis using SPSS”,15th-21st July 2020

Papers Published:

  • Some Methods of Construction of Rectangular Design —MP Science Congress, 26th-27th December 2004 — SNGGPY College, Bhopal (Nutan College) [International Publication, Canada]

  • Construction of Rectangular Design with Unequal Replicates — International Conference on Mathematics and Computer Science (ICMCS) 5th-6th January 2009 — Loyola College, Chennai [Appeared in the Proceedings.]

  • Some Constructions of PBIBD’s — International Conference SCRA 2004-FIM XI, 27th-29th December 2004 — Sherwood College, Lucknow [Paper Presented]

  • Some Methods of Construction of IBD’s — Annual Conference of VijyanParishad of India on Mathematical Modeling — MANIT, Bhopal [Paper Presented]

  • New Construction of PBIBD’s — MP Science Congress, 9th-10th December 2006 [Paper Presented]

Career Highlights

  • Life Member of ISTE
  • Won YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD for two consecutive years 2004 and 2005
  • Academic Counsellor at IGNOU
  • Associated with various universities/institutes for teaching-related activities.
  • Softwares known: SPSS, Jamovi
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