5 Reasons Why SISTec is The Best Engineering College in Bhopal

SISTec Campus

Ever wondered what made SISTec stand out proud amongst other Top Engineering Colleges in Bhopal. Read on to know what SISTec has to offer that no other Engineering College in Bhopal can even think of.

1. Innovativeness

Almost every other college brags about being innovative in their approach but do they really have that X to call themselves as the Best Engineering College in Bhopal? Not really. Not many of them even have a concept of morning assembly within their campus leave apart Hobby Classes, Activity Clubs or Presence of International Associations.

2. Best Facility College of Bhopal

Sagar Group of Institutions can feel proud upon the efforts they have put together working on every single aspect of student life. Be it Sports, Gymnasium, Swimming Pools, Juice Centers, WIFI Connectivity or anything else. Everything has been taken care of by the Best Engineering Colleges in Bhopal.

3. No More Dress Code

No More Dress Code

This is one of the latest additions but a very welcome one nonetheless. You might aww by surprise to know that SISTec is the only Private Engineering College in Bhopal that got rid of the Dress Code. SISTec says that even IITs and NITs don’t bother uniforms then why here.

4. Corporate Culture

SISTec Engineering Colleges in Bhopal bolsters a flat hierarchy and excellent staffing mechanism which really helps. Don’t know how, okay imagine how many colleges do you think you know that have an HR Department, Graphic Designers, Course Coordinators and IT Team with Web Admin, System Analyst and Operations Managers in it.Corporate Culture
What’s the point of having them? I guess it makes sense in the quality of resources when someone gets hired via a transparent HR process rather being appointed by faculty individuals. Or for CS & IT students when they get to learn Web Development or Networks instead of rehearsing If/Else loops for VIVAs.

5. Parent Teacher Meetings

You’re wrong if you think PTMs are confined to High Schools only. Certainly not all of them but there exist few Engineering Colleges in MP that still believe in regular interactions with parents, and SISTec is definitely one of them. They even arrange for PTMs in student’s hometown in case few of the parents are unable to visit the college for an acceptable cause.

Aditya Narayan during an event organized by SISTec, Sagar group of Institutions
Aditya Narayan during an event organized by SISTec, Sagar Group of Institutions

SISTec Engineering College in Bhopal has been awarded as Best Upcoming Engineering Institute of India, Award of ASSOCHAM by Dr. Ram Shankar Katheria, Minister of State, Government of India.

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